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Creating an IDX Real Estate Website Through WordPress

Have you ever wanted to successfully create real estate websites through WordPress? Real estate websites are quite different from the common everyday websites that you typically see and interact with because they have features that are just not found in ready-made websites. IDX allows real estate websites to showcase updated information about listings from MLS. Don’t fret any longer because the steps below with help you achieve that IDX real estate website with much welcomed help form WordPress.

In most cases, people would immediate seek out a professional developer in building IDX real estate website, although it may be an option it’s a rather expensive one. When you’re just starting out, it wouldn’t be practical to spend money on developers if you can actually do the website on your own even without a background in coding.

Step 1 – Beginning with the Real Estate Website

Before anything else, you have to go through dozens of platforms for the website and go with the one that suites your requirements. Evaluating each and every website builder out there will take a huge amount of time, a great option would be going for the one that’s used by hundreds and thousands of other real estate websites; none other than WordPress. Like others before you, it may be surprising to see a hosting service and software version, head towards the software.

Step 2 – Picking a Suitable Theme for the Real Estate Website

Apart from the technical convenience of website builders, they also feature tons of pre-made templates so there’s minimal fuss in editing website themes; this is a huge relief for people who aren’t that experienced in website design. The options available for themes may be overwhelming, but don’t forget that the website you’re creating is for real estate so the functions are very different compared to common business websites.

Step 3 – Choose an Adequate Plugin for the IDX Website

A quick search in the market for plug ins generate a lot of results so don’t just go for the first plug in you see; choose calmly and carefully. Once you’ve activated the chosen plug in, it will add a whole new menu displaying the ‘IDX’ label on the admin bar.

Step 4 – Effectively Promoting the Real Estate Website

By this time the IDX real estate website should already display an aesthetic theme and the IDX plug in has successfully been installed, giving you options to consider in creating targeted content for search engines. To give you an example on what we mean, think of a specific city, neighborhood or housing community that you plan to target then create pages dedicated to these listings. Besides meticulously displaying the listings of your target content, it wouldn’t hurt to fully optimize the page by featuring all sorts of useful and relevant information regarding the area.

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