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What The Key Benefits Are Of Pipeline Pigging?

Pipelines need a lot of maintenance for them to work effectively. Some of the things done on a pipeline include cleaning, clearing, and inspection and so on. For these things to be achieved, something known as pipeline pigging is implemented. Simply defined, pipeline pigging is basically the practice of using devices known as pigs to perform the above-mentioned things to keep it effective. To the existing pipelines, pigging is usually done without interfering with the normal operations of the line or rather without interfering with the flow in the line. There are many reasons why pigging is done on pipelines.

You know well that pipelines are known to be the best methods of conveying liquids and gases in different areas. Of importance is to make sure that maintenance must be undertaken on a regular basis to be sure that the pipeline work as required. Once the construction of a new pipeline is completed, a pressure test must be performed to be sure that it will be able to maintain the maximum pressure allowed. Pigs are normally employed during the testing phase so that they can fill the pipeline with water then afterward, the pipeline is drained after the hydrostatic test has been successfully completed. Another thing is that pigs are employed in the removal of the debris that may have mounted up at the construction period of the pipeline. There are some instances where pigs can be used to clean and dry the pipeline so as to eliminate deposit wetness, rust, and rubble so that they can meet the required dew point required by the codes of construction. Some of the important reasons why pipeline pigging is necessary are analyzed below.

One of the reasons why you need to consider pipeline pigging is that it provides a high return on investment. You need to choose to pig the pipeline because you will get back your cost of construction of the pipeline within no time. You will just be enjoying your profits after pigging has been done. You thus need to add pigging as part of your liquid dispensation processes.

The other reason why you need to think about pipeline pigging is that it reduces waste and production downtime. Pigging systems massively minimize product waste in a massive way and also saving the water and the cleaning agents. Switches are faster and there is less production interruption because pigging systems makes cleaning easier and quicker.

There is also increased yields and margins when you consider pipeline pegging. You won’t have to flush residual products to waste but you can choose to process, pack or resell it when you use pipeline pigging systems. Because of the direct result of the increased yields, your profit margins are going to increase.

With pipeline pigging, there enhanced sustainability and lowering of water consumption are evident. You know how sustainability is crucial in all types of businesses these days. And because pipeline pigging is going to save a lot of waste, water, chemicals as well as associated transportation and clearance charges, the conservational paybacks of pigging is noteworthy.

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